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Finding and Installing Mattermost Apps

In this tutorial, Ian Linkletter walks you through the process of finding and installing apps that you can use to access Mattermost. There are apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices.

From  Clint Lalonde 8 Months ago 0 likes 72 views

Uploading artifacts to your eportfolio

How to upload documents, videos, photos, and audio clips to your OpenETC eportfolio site. Also includes information on how to search Google for openly licensed content that can be used in your…

From  Clint Lalonde A year ago 0 likes 8 views

Setting up a new e-portfolio site

Instructions on how to create a new Wordpress-based eportfolio site using the OpenETC site. Note that some of the instructions in this video reference KPU specifically, but also apply to other users…

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